The regular panel of Simon and Jan Barrett, Denny Griffin, Dave Knechel, Peter Hyatt, and William Cobra Staubs, once again held ‘court’ on the current events in the Casey Anthony trial.

About one minute from going on air we had to make a quick switch in our agenda because of some breaking news. No, it is not BOMBSHELL or EXCLUSIVE, I leave that to the tabloid news organizations. But it is an interesting little development. At 9:30am on May/2 Judge Perry will be hearing a motion put forward by the press over non-disclosure agreements concerning the location of Jury selection.

It is an interesting situation, one that is actually more serious than it first appears. The major channels obviously want to ‘scoop’ the location. However Judge Perry has muzzled them until jury selection is underway.

All of the big dogs will be informed prior to the selection process starting as to the exact location. They will descend like locusts with their mobile broadcast trucks. In todays world of iPhones and the internet it will take less than half a nono second for some enterprising local to snap a picture and put it on Facebook! Big Media just got scooped by Jane Doe on her way to Starbucks to get a Latte.

In my view this is all about ‘breakfast TV’, The difference between broadcasting at 7am and 10am is huge! The 7am Wheaties crowd is an important audience. But breaking into Jerry Springer or Days Of Your Life will result in a whole pile of pissed off viewers.

There is nothing worse than an annoyed Soap fan!

On a more serious note, Judge Perry has ruled on most of the Frye motions, overwhelmingly he is saying that it is admissible. The one outstanding Frye issue is the ‘Air Samples’. But, I have to ask, does it really matter? There is enough damning testimony on ‘smells’ from real people that the rather boring report from a scientific analysis is not important. Juries hate science, they don’t want to go back to school.

On a lighter note, early in the program I was bantering with Cobra. Trust me, he is as big and intimidating as they come. He makes Dog Chapman look like a an un-weaned puppy. But he does have a softer side. He grows Orchids.


It was a great program, if you were one of the very few that missed it, here is the link to listen.

It was late in the program, but the subject of Jury selection came up. Several news outlets have ran stories about Judge Perry being spotted in West Palm Beach. Is this his location of choice? The panel had some great observations.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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