It has been an interesting week in the Casey Anthony drama. In what should have come as no large surprise Judge Perry has ruled on the various evidence items that were part of the Frye Hearings and the evidence is admissible. Of course the rider here is that it is still up to the prosecution to explain the validity of the evidence to the jury.

Science and juries do not generally have a great time. Jurors tend to lose interest when experts try to teach them about leading edge scientific research. We saw that in the first OJ trial. DNA evidence proved that the chances of the findings being wrong were billions to one. But ‘the glove didn’t fit’ and the jury did acquit! There was nothing wrong with the science, but science is an intangible to a jury. The glove on the other hand was simple, everyday, and easy to understand.

Can the prosecution introduce the Death Hair Banding, Chloroform, Dogs, etc in such a way that the Jury will buy in? I for one am not sure. The defense strategy will almost certainly be to refute the evidence by using their own set of experts. I am only guessing here, but if I was to put money on it, these experts will make the subjects as incomprehensible as possible.

The jury will merely have vague memories of the science when they deliberate. And the memories will not be fond ones.

On Sunday we will have our regular panel Simon and Jan Barrett, Bail Bondsman William Cobra Staubs, author and crime writer Denny Griffin, Statement Analysis guru Peter Hyatt and Orlando based journalist Dave Knechel.

Not only do we have the cold hard facts of Judge Perry to digest, there are also other interesting developments to talk about. FOX News threw their hat in the ring, apparently Geraldo Rivera is heading to Florida to cover the case. One has to however look on the bright side. Unlike Iraq, where he jeopardized many lives with his inane reporting, and another view, this time there is only one life at stake, Casey Anthony. One has to wonder if Geraldo and Jose Baez will once again be spotted together having fun on a sail boat.

One also has to wonder if defense co-council Cheney Mason is regretting his “Oh this case will be fun” comment. It doesn’t seem to me that he is having a great deal of ‘fun’ at the moment.

It was also reported this week that the poster child for GQ magazine, the rich and famous Florida Attorney and night club owner Mark NeJame has decided to prostitute himself to the press.  Having represented George and Cindy Anthony, and then Tim Miller’s Equusearch organization, this sounds like a very strange move? You don’t become a wazoo lawyer without some smarts. As a mere mortal, I just keep thinking of the term ‘conflict of interest’.

Join us on Sunday to hear the discussion about these, and other developing stories in the Casey Anthony trial. Use this link.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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