On Sunday May/29 we will be assembling the team to talk about this weeks events in the trial. Both sides offered their opening remarks on Tuesday and the prosecution has been going full blast since that time.

Much like a Soap Opera, todays activities ended in a cliff hanger. The prosecution have mother Cindy Anthony on the stand, and seem to have settled in for some time. Generally this week the prosecution has played the game of ‘get em on, and get em off’. They do not seem to be using this strategy with Cindy Anthony.

The defense has yet to have a bite at this apple, and due to the long weekend will not get the opportunity until at least Tuesday.

Will the defense take the same hostile posture that they took with George Anthony? Or will they try a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy?

I for one am wondering when or if, the Defense takes the leap to declare George and Cindy Anthony as hostile witnesses? Personally I think they will wait until they have roasted Casey’s brother Lee Anthony.

Tomorrow on the program we will have the usual group of suspects, but you might learn a few things. One of the people joining us is Dave Knechel who spent the week in the court room. TV is great, but nothing beats a live event. There are aspects or emotions that just cannot be captured on a TV camera.

To join us live just use this link.

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