At 9:30am today Judge Perry heard an emergency motion filed by some of the larger news organizations that plan on providing coverage of the upcoming Casey Anthony trial. At issue was the thorny subject over the location that jury selection will occur one week from today May/9.

For a number of reasons the Judge has decided to keep this information secret. He has however agreed to share the location with a representative of both the Defense and Prosecution team to allow them time to handle the logistics of getting both their team and whatever equipment they may have to the location.

The press clearly have an interest in covering the jury selection process, and Judge Perry has agreed that they will be informed of the location, again so they can move infrastructure to that place.

Todays gripe from the Main Stream Media concerns a non-disclosure agreement. The agreement stipulates that the location cannot be revealed until the proceedings start. This represents a real problem for the Big Boys. they are going to lose the ability to announce this ‘exclusive’ on Breakfast TV and Radio. Worse still, someone is going to spot the farm of Satellite Trucks emblazoned with their logo’s and put two and two together, and before you can say Facebook the secret is going to be out.

In his ruling today Judge Perry essentially said that he realized that his powers over the media were limited. However he could exercise control only over those organizations that had obtained media credentials for the trial, and there would be consequences should any credentialed agency that broke the non-disclosure agreement.

In simple terms it translates to it being fine for BNN to have the scoop, but not CNN.

In reality this whole mess is over nothing more than Breakfast TV ratings on May/9. Hell if the news is that important, break into the Jerry Springer show and make a news update 🙂

It is possible that todays ruling will be appealed, but that might be a bad move. Major Media already have their hotels and flights booked, the support people are ready to roll in the trucks. To appeal this ruling may well cause a delay in the trial. The loss of revenue for one breakfast tv program is far overshadowed by the rescheduling issues.

I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Simon Barrett

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