Like most web site folks I like to see what my readers are interested in. Some times I am surprised, an article published long ago becomes popular. There often is little rhyme or reason why, but it is interesting to see the trends.

On October/11 2008 I wrote a rather scathing little piece about Jose Baez, the title was Jose Baez – Where Justice Begins. It was more about his web site, than anything else. Back in 2008 we knew little about the man. Hey, there is nothing wrong with selling Bikinis if you can’t pass the Bar Exam! I’d rather sell Bikinis than stock the shelves of my local supermarket at 3am.

It would be too easy to paint Jose Baez in a poor light. In fact I revisited my 2008 article to see if I had erred in any way.

The web site has not changed, the front page looks just as it did:


But I am not sure that the TV screen grab really sums the case up.


Last time I checked Caylee Anthony was no longer listed in the missing category.

Just like in 2008 I decided to check out his ‘success stories’, and just like 2008 they link right back to the home page.


It was with some dark humor that I clicked on ‘Attorney zone’.


And this is where it took me.


Wow. not even the search engines and browsers trust this guy!

Bottom line, what I published on October/11 2008 is still valid!

Simon Barrett

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