Clearly this case does not end with the jury. There are many other ‘minor’ issues that Casey Anthony must face. Jan mentions just a few in this article.

Yes, she faces an uphill battle.

But apart from these obvious problems, are there others?

Some would say yes. There is little question that this trial is rife for conspiracy theories. I am an ardent lover of conspiracy theories and have read more than two dozen books about the JFK assassination. The have varied from sensible analysis, to the whacko view!

The Casey Anthony story is open to many interpretations. I am sure that an avalanche of books is on its way.

All of these books will fall into the genre of the historical novel. You takes the facts and weave the story line into it. The potential story lines in the Casey Anthony case are endless.

Joining the dots, creating new lines between the dots, maybe inserting some new dots. Everything is possible. But one has to take a step back and ask is it probable? Possible and probable are two very different concepts.

The conspiracy theory always lives in the possible rather than the probable. By weaving together the two big P’s you can create a whole new world.

Two simple questions:

Is it Possible that Casey Anthony did not kill her daughter Caylee Anthony?

Is it Probable that she did kill the little girl?

A little bird is telling me that part of the conspiracy theory may come spilling out on our radio program tomorrow. I will just wait and see.

Simon Barrett

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