So far in the Casey Anthony trial we have seen parents George and Cindy Anthony and brother Lee Anthony on the stand. Today we caught a glimpse inside the strange world of Casey Anthony herself. I for one disagree with the pundits that think the defense will have no option but to put her on the stand. It would be a Kamikaze move and one that would be born out of sheer desperation. Today though we got the very next best thing, the prosecution played an hour long recording of Casey Anthony being questioned at Universal Studios by Yuri Melich and two other detectives.

Having now heard from both the parents and the children a picture emerges of the Anthony family dynamic. It is not a pretty sight.  It is a family that only psychiatrists and TV sit com writers could love. I am sure that Matt Goering will retire The Simpsons in favor of The Anthony’s.

First ‘at bat’ was George Anthony, this clearly was a move to mitigate the rather damning picture that Jose Baez had painted during his opening remarks. I think that largely the prosecution did a pretty good job on the character rehabilitation, but there is obviously much more to come when Jose Baez puts on the defense case, particularly if they move to have him labeled as a hostile witness.

Mother Cindy Anthony was next in the line of fire. She seemed to fare quite well in the ‘jury sympathy’ category, and I was somewhat surprised that the defense did not give her the same rough treatment that they had meted out to George Anthony. However, that may well come a little later.

I have to admit that as a trial follower I listened with great interest when the prosecution called brother Lee Anthony to the stand. He in many ways is the ‘dark horse’ in the race. Unlike the rest of the family he has avoided the media like the plague.

Although a ‘prosecution’ witness he was clearly annoying the prosecution by his complete lack of preparation. Jan wrote an interesting article about brother Lee, I recommend that you read it.

The crowning glory came this morning with the court hearing the tape of Casey Anthony talk with the detectives. I am still in shock. The only truthful thing she seemed to say was her name.

More soon.

Simon Barrett

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