Casey Anthony Death Hoax Was Exactly That, A Hoax … Sorry Folks!

Casey Anthony is by no means dead. Reports over the internet went wild saying that her body was found “bludgeoned” to death. I am sure there are a lot of people worldwide that heard this news were ready to celebrate this news thinking she had finally gotten what she deserved but sorry folks it is just a joke.

Who knows who started this rumor? Could it have been Casey and her few followers trying to get her name back in the news? Or could it have been her family trying to get the spotlight off another certain topic hitting the news lately.

Caylee Anthony

Caylee Anthony

Once again it seems like when the press calms down and Anthony’s name is slowly disappearing from the news that something like this pops up just to get the public stirred up again. I myself have not been reporting on such news but for some reason I just couldn’t resist this time. The people are never going to forget Casey Anthony. Not only will they never forget her but they will always blame her for the murder of that precious little girl, Caylee Anthony. Casey was acquitted on charges of murdering her daughter Caylee but most of the public say that the panel of jurors was wrong and that Casey should have been found guilty.

Not only did the public turn on Casey, they also turned on her parents, George and Cindy Anthony. They did whatever they could to help cover up the truth about what happened to Caylee during the trial when Casey blamed her father, George for it all. Yes they might have known what happened but I for one will never believe that George was responsible for the death of that sweet child.

Now George and Cindy Anthony are back in the news too. For some reason they seem to think they could go all these years without making a payment on their home is no reason for the bank to file foreclosure on their home. The bank claims that the Anthony’s have not made a payment in seven years and they owe nearly $129,000 on their home in Orlando, Florida. Anyone knows that in order to keep a home that is mortgaged, you got to make the monthly payments that the bank sets up or you are going to lose it.

Now these silly people have filed a countersuit against the bank. They claim that they fulfilled the terms of a 2015 settlement agreement. They are saying that the bank had willfully ignored the settlement agreement forcing them to have to hire an attorney. They are also arguing that the bank didn’t notify them that they were not meeting the terms of the agreement before they filed the foreclosure notice.

So I guess once again they will have the nerve to fight for the house. I don’t know why they think they shouldn’t have to pay the notes like anyone else would. They are definitely NOT royalty and they are no better than the rest of us.

I wish I was the judge in that lawsuit. I will just keep the rest of my opinion to myself but I would love to know what all of you think. Should the Anthony’s lose their home this time, after all according to the bank they haven’t paid anything on it in 7 years.

They all seemed to have forgotten that little angel, Caylee Anthony, lost her life triggering all this into action. Caylee I know you are probably looking down not knowing what to think about all this. I know you are sitting on Jesus’ lap where you are safe and none of the craziness in your family can harm you now. The world has come to love you and they will never forget you.

Jan Barrett

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