Judge Perry had declared that Friday would be the day that the Jury would be sworn in, there was no time for any additional shenanigans by either side. Perry at times has seen his time lines and agenda be seriously disrupted, but this was a goal that would be achieved.

It was also clear that the longer Judge Perry spent in Clearwater the harder it would become to find jurors that had not been ‘tainted’ by the intense press coverage. That became an issue early in Friday’s adventure. The pool of 30 potential jurors had been told only the day before about not discussing the case, nor using ‘Tweets’ or Farmville to share the news of their potential inclusion in the jury for this case.

The morning started badly for Judge Perry, and in my mind the remnants of the 30 pieces of raw meat had already joined one of two camps before the first question was asked. To get excused from this 8 week all expenses paid vacation all that was needed was a declaration that Casey was guilty, and you were free to go.  In some ways the other camp was just as insidious, the potential of Book and TV deals crossed my mind.

The big excitement of the morning was without doubt the sudden outburst from the viewing gallery. You can read the details here. Courtroom rules 101 is that to piss off an already grumpy judge is not the smartest move in the world.

I was also expecting an explosion akin to Hiroshima when a perspective juror mentioned that while waiting in the jury room several groups of people had been discussing the case. Although it was not explored in depth, it would seem that this event concerned the original Pinnelas County jury pool that reported for duty two weeks ago, rather than this group selected on Thursday.

Judge Perry’s threat of the 3pm ‘Witching Hour’ to start swearing in the jury came and went. However he did finally declare that it was time to start. The defense tried one last Hail Mary to be given more ‘strikes’ which was turned down faster than BET refusing to air commercials for the KKK. When the dust settled, a panel of 12 jurors and 5 alternates remained.

Opening statements are slated for 9am Tuesday in Judge Perry’s own domain in Orlando. I am not sure that either the State or Defense are happy campers, and the Judge offered them time on Monday afternoon to hear any last minute whining. But short of the whack job radio host being right about The Rapture’ starting at 6pm pacific today, Judge Perry’s freight train is rolling downhill and will stop for no-one.

Of course the entire trial may be a complete waste of time. Jose Baez on numerous occasions has told the media that it will take less than three minutes to explain everything. Unless my memory is failing me, he also told the court that by Feb/1/2010 they would receive documentation proving the innocence of his client Casey Anthony.

You can bet your bottom dollar that I and many others will be hanging on every word of those first three minutes!

Ladies and Gentleman, I will prove beyond any doubt that my client is innocent. Aliens in the pay of the US Government kidnapped her and took her to a secret base in Nevada known only as Area 51. We have satellite pictures of the facility.

Much has been made of the supposed ‘missing 31 days’. We will be bringing in some well known experts including Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise to explain the fluid nature of the space and time continuum. These may seem hard concepts to understand, but ‘time shifting’ happens all the time. How come it is 9am in Orlando, and only 6am in Los Angeles? That is time shifting!

Join us tomorrow Sunday May/22 at 4pm eastern and listen to the discussion. The listen live link is here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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