casey_anthonyWell not quite! For those of you unfamiliar with the case, this young lady was charged with murder. Much like OJ Simpson and George Zimmerman, Casey (excuse the pun) dodged the bullet. The Casey Anthony story gripped the nation. Was it possible that a mother could kill her small daughter Caylee? I think it is fair to say that most people do indeed think that she is guilty. She walked free from the courtroom but not free from some civil actions. One of those actions concerns a Zenaida Gonsalez. Kudos to Zenaida, she has continued to dog Casey Anthony. Finally there has been an opportunity to take a deposition.

Casey Anthony managed to dodge all of the awkward questions, and of course she had Cheney Mason by her side, objecting to just about everything but the opposing councils choice of tie.


The deposition makes for interesting reading, it very much backs up the comments by her former lead council  Jose Baez that Casey is a pathological liar.

Keith Mitnick representing Zenaida Gonzalez did his best to hammer away at Casey, but I am not sure that he really made much progress. My understanding was that the 5th amendment was off the table, so Casey took a more blunt approach, flatly refusing to answer questions, and at one point threatening to simply walk out.

Considering the fact that she was under oath, this seemed at best, poor judgment, and probably a violation of the court. But what does Casey care? Casey knows no rules.

I give Keith Mitnick great credit, he did not lose his temper, he took the whole ugly situation in his stride. A lesser mortal like myself would have probably reached out and smacked her with a large and heavy law book.

So what did we learn from the depo? Well a few minor things emerged. Clearly Casey is still pissed at Jessie Grund, It apparently was Jessie that introduced her to the fictitious Zenaida. This supposedly happened at Universal Studios. This has about as much credibility as a three day old donut.

Apparently Casey and her fictional friend Zanny socialized on a number of occasions, alas Casey could not remember where, or who with. This is a reasonable answer under most circumstances. I would be hard pressed to recall where I was or who I was with 8 years ago on a specific date. But I am pretty sure that had I been charged with murder shortly afterwards and spent a couple of years behind bars as a consequence, I likely would have a good recall of the events.

If you are a reader and a fan of courtroom fiction you can read the depo here.

Simon Barrett

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