Florida’s Attorney General’s office has filed a response today to the appeal filed by Casey Anthony’s attorney’s to stop a probation order from being enforced. Attorney General Pam Bondi says that Casey Anthony should be forced to serve the probation that she was ordered to serve when she stood before Judge Stan Strickland on the check fraud case, in which she plead guilty.

Anthony was given credit for time served behind bars and was ordered to serve one year probation once she was released from jail. The problem is someone messed up with the written order and they claim Anthony served her probation while in jail, which her attorney Jose Baez was fully aware of knowing that it was supposed to be done once she was released from jail but he failed to notify the court of the mistake.

When she was acquitted from the murder charges of her daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony, they thought she would walk away a free woman but Judge Stan Strickland amended the written order, which is allowed in the state of Florida, ordering Anthony to return to Florida and serve the probation just like anyone else would have to.

Well Anthony’s attorneys continue to think Casey Anthony is above and beyond anyone else and shouldn’t have to do what the courts have ordered her to do so they filed a motion against Strickland’s order.

Judge Belvin Perry made the decision to stand by Strickland’s order and ordered that Casey Anthony report to the Department of Corrections facility in Orlando no later than noon on Friday August 26, 2011.

Anthony’s attorney’s however are not happy with that order either. It seems they argue with every judge that doesn’t agree with them by accusing them of being biased against their client. They filed an appeal asking now that Judge Perry’s order be vacated as well.

They are claiming that Judge Perry’s order ignores the fact that Anthony served her term of probation while in jail saying she was subject to violation if he wrote to the victim she violated in the check fraud case or if she had any altercation with a correctional officer or another inmate or if she was in the possession of contraband.

Sounds like they were making their own rules up for the probation and they expect the state and the taxpayers to go by that.

Either way Baez is saying now that his client is back in Orange County in the event the appeals court upholds the order.

He stated in an interview last night on Geraldo that his client would abide by the law. When asked if she has spoken to her parents since she was released, Baez said that she has a few times but she has not spoken to her brother Lee. This is opposite from what we have been hearing from George and Cindy Anthony and their attorney Mark Lippman though. So who do we believe?

George and Cindy have been trying to make people think they have washed their hands of their daughter and she would not be welcomed back to live with them. They specifically said they have not talked to her yet now Casey’s attorney is telling us they have. This is a minor issue but it does prove you can’t trust what any of them tell us. I still think the joke is on Dr. Phil for thinking for one second that the Anthony’s would ever speak the truth when it comes to the death of their granddaughter and the person that took her life.

As a parent I can understand them wanting to talk to their only daughter but why lie about it if they have? It only gives me more reason not to trust any of them.

Personally I think Casey Anthony should be forced to serve her probation and she should be forced to follow the rules of the probation. I think it is time she learns she can’t always have things her way. Make her pay for her actions for once in her life. If she had been taught to be more responsible a long time ago perhaps little Caylee would still be alive today.

God bless Caylee Marie Anthony!

Jan Barrett

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