caylee-marie.jpgAs everyone that has been following The Casey Anthony case knows, she was acquitted last month of the murder charges she faced. She was accused of murdering her then 2 year old daughter. She sat in jail for almost three years claiming she was innocent as evidence was building up against her.

While sitting in jail waiting on her trial, she was forced to appear in court on check fraud charges from when she stole checks from her friend, Amy Huizenga and went on a shopping spree with Huizenga’s money while her baby was supposedly missing. She plead guilty to those charges and was sentenced by Judge Stan Strickland and given credit for time served but she was also ordered to serve one year of supervised probation once she was released from jail, if she ever was. The problem came up when an error was made on the written order and the Department of Corrections let her serve the probation while she was still behind bars.

Judge Strickland amended the order after Anthony was released from jail when she didn’t report for the probation and the defense team came back and argued that she had already served the probation while in jail and to make her do so now would be double jeopardy.

This was brought forth to Judge Belvin Perry after Judge Stan Strickland recused himself from the case and after thoroughly investigating the situation Judge Perry ordered that Anthony was to report to the Department of Corrections to serve her probation no later than noon on Friday, August 26. 2011.

This didn’t make the defense happy since they give everyone the impression that they make the rules as they see fit and they decided that Judge Perry had no jurisdiction with the Department of Corrections to make that order, so they filed a formal appeal to the Fifth District Court of Appeals.

Jose Baez appeared in an interview on Fox TV with Geraldo and said that Anthony was indeed back in Orlando in the case that the appeal didn’t work. He admitted to Geraldo that Anthony had indeed talked to her parents, regardless of how much George and Cindy Anthony denied it but he did say she had not spoken to her brother Lee. During this interview Baez was asked straight out if Casey Anthony has any friends and he admitted that the only friends she has now are members of his legal team who have come to really like her. Well I sure hope they are safe if any of them are letting her stay with them right now. If I were them I would be sleeping with one eye open and make sure my money was locked away in a safe where she couldn’t find it.

Today a three panel judge on the Florida Court of Appeals gave their decision. They decided to reject the appeal and have ordered that Casey Anthony has to come out of hiding and report to her probation officer by Friday or sooner if she wants to.

In the written order filed by the Fifth District Court of Appeals today, the judges reprimanded Anthony and her defense team for turning the sentencing process into a “game.”

“The petitioner and her lawyers were well aware that her probationary placement was not to begin until her release from confinement. The petitioner may not, under these circumstances, take advantage of the administrative error of the Department of Corrections,” the order states.

The State’s Attorney General Pamela Bondi and Assistant Attorney General Wesley Heidt responded to the appeal saying, “Legally, it is clear that a defendant cannot serve probation while incarcerated. The court was simply attempting to ensure the previously imposed, and never served, probation was begun … upon her release, she should have reported.”

Jose Baez is under investigation now by the Florida Bar Association for how he has handled the probation aspect of this case. He claims he isn’t worried about it. His attitude is he can’t be touched. He says it will be just like the 20 other times he was investigated and they found nothing against him.

cheney-mason-vulgar-gesture.jpgI don’t see how the Florida Bar can look the other way in this case though. Clearly Baez was wrong for not notifying the court about what was going on. He chose to keep quiet and as an officer of the court he was obligated to do so. Baez and his whole team, including Mr. (Finger) Mason, have made a mockery of the court and they should all be reprimanded for it.

Now let’s see if they get Anthony permission to serve the probation out of state somewhere. Personally I don’t think they should be allowed to do so. They should make her serve it where the crime took place which was in Orlando. Make her face the people that have been supporting her the past three years with their hard earned tax dollars, make her get a legitimate job, but not one working for one of the defense team because we all know all she would be doing then would be hanging out and playing on their computer.

One piece of advice though to someone willing to hire her, our good friend William “Cobra” Staubs recommends it not be a babysitting position.

I would like to say thank you to the Florida Court of Appeals for rejecting this appeal and making this woman pay even if it is in a small way. She has gotten away with way too much as it is. This will show her and her team of lawyers that they can’t always get what they want.

Maybe now the people can turn the focus back to the one that should be getting all the attention. The world will never forget Caylee Anthony. Her mother and grandparents will soon be the “nobody’s” that they all were before Caylee was killed, though.

Justice for Caylee Marie Anthony!

Jan Barrett

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