We will be running our regular Sunday program on the Casey Anthony trial on July/10 at 4pm eastern. Very likely it will be our penultimate program on the subject for the foreseeable future. The final program being July/17 and her release.

Jan and I want to thank all of people over the past almost three years that have listened to out weekly broadcasts, and the many people that have joined us on air as panel members.

On Sunday we should have attorney Mannie Barling, Dave ‘seat #67’ Knechel, Cobra ‘I told you so’ Staubs, Denny ‘Three of my five best friends are ex-mobsters’ Griffin, and maybe some other people.

The Casey Anthony trial has been one that has polarized the population. It represents a change in the way that the legal world is perceived by the person in the street. Some people have billed it as the trial of the century, but the century still has 89 years to go. It does however deserve a place in the history books as the first real ‘social media trial’. Historians will look back at how the story unfolded under the glare of the Internet.

The Court Of Public Opinion, myself included wanted a guilty verdict. Many polls were taken and they returned an overwhelming percentage in the guilty column, generally between 93% and 98%. Yet the jury found her not guilty. How could this happen?

Did the State ‘over’ charge? No,I do not think so. But with a circumstantial case they faced a challenge. They lacked the ‘smoking gun’.

The jury had their hands tied by the letter of the law. Not guilty is a far cry from innocent. The two words mean very different things. In some ways, and it may seem semantics, but Not Guilty should be replaced by Not Proven.

I do hope that you will join us on Sunday and listen to what the panel has to say. The link to listen live is here.

I know that many people feel that our justice system has failed us, but, imperfect as our system is it does tend to eventually reach the right place. Casey Anthony may well get to skip down the yellow brick road with Cheney Mason on July/17, but her elation will be short lived. She has many other issues to deal with.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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