For those of you not familiar with the term CAFO it is used in the farming world. It stands for Confined Animal Feeding Operations, in PlainSpeak, it is a whole bunch of Cows or Hogs kept in close confinement that stomp around in their own poo. Ten thousand cows or hogs confined to a small area produce a prodigious amount of poo everyday!

The latest developments in the Casey Anthony case make me wonder if Jose Baez and Cheney Mason having run out of ‘other peoples money’ are now trying to qualify for some CAFO grants? They certainly have enough poo!

The latest Laural and Hardy moment has to be the transcript of the deposition of medical examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia.  The fact that Dr. Garavaglia has been on the Discovery Channel hardly makes her bad. Hell Jose Baez punted Dr. Lawrence  Kobilinsky for weeks on HLN’s Nancy Grace show. Note to Cheney and Jose, there is nothing bad about a doctor being on TV. I seem to recall that CNN’s Sanjay Gupta was offered the role of ‘Surgeon General’.  It is rarely the words escape me, but Cheney (Ollie Hardy) Mason out did himself.

The entire deposition is a hoot. I rather like the take that the Click Orlando had.  I recommend that you read it.

Just because the the corpse was found with duct tape apparently covering the nose and mouth area, is it possible that the little girl accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool?

This is somewhat akin to arguing that two bullets to the back of the head might be suicide, Jimmy Hoffa enjoyed swimming laps in a concrete mixer, or that Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber) was merely designing a self opening envelope!

It is HOOEY, plain and simple. No one with an IQ that registers on the scale can believe this.

Yet Jose Baez and Poo Chanel Number 5 Cheney Mason continue to spray the Eau-de-toilet.

In a dark way it might be amusing, but for one aspect, the tax payers are the people paying for the defense of Casey Anthony. That bothers me greatly. Oh, not about an accused person having representation, everyone accused of a crime should have fair and equal representation. The question I have is why not just appoint a regular public defender? After all, it is just lowly public prosecutors on the other side of the table. Of course it would be easy to ask awkward questions such as what happened to the $275,000 war chest? Or what your business relationship might be with court reporting service? I am sure that it was just a ‘screw up’ by your accounts payable department. Lets face it $600 would hardly buy Cheney a decent lunch!

Simon Barrett

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