It should not come as much of a surprise that the defense team have appealed Judge Perry’s ruling on the status of Casey Anthony and her One Year Probation.

However there are some interesting aspects to this appeal. Apparently it was filed via email, and the Fifth District Court Of Appeals will not even glance at it until someone ‘hoofs it down there’ and files a paper version.

Also of interest is the list of lawyers acting on Casey Anthony’s behalf in this matter. There is one name missing. What has happened to Jose Baez? Is he too busy to put his name on the document?

You can read the 18 page petition here. But I will just pick out my favorite piece:

Setting aside the issue that the original order was entered by a previously disqualified judge who participated in publicly criticizing the jury and their verdict subsequent to his disqualification based on prejudice, the trial court engages in three pages of moralizing about the responsibility of the defense counsel in candor to the tribunal, as if somehow this entire “mess” was the responsibility of the defense, rather than a vindictive act by a glaringly biased judge.

This seems to do little to foster great relationships with judges! Is this why Jose Baez is not involved? Cheney Mason has made his money, and the theory is that this case is his last hoorah, so I guess he doesn’t mind burning a few bridges.

It will be interesting to see if this appeal gets filed, or if this is just another ‘stunt’. Time is ticking, and in 9 days Casey Anthony is set to start her one year of probation.

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