caylee.jpgCasey Anthony, the mother of the little girl from Orlando, Caylee Anthony, is scheduled to go to trial in May which some consider way overdo. The way this case has been conducted so far has been amusing to say the least. A wannabe high class attorney, Jose (Bozo) Baez seems to have done nothing but make himself look like a clown in the eyes of America for the past two and a half years as he appears before the judge for his motions that sometime appear to be a waste of the taxpayers dollars.

As we all know, Caylee Anthony is the 2 year old child that was reported missing 30 days after she was last seen in June 2008. The remains of the little girl were found on December 11, 2008 within walking distance of the Anthony family home by an Orlando meter reader, Roy Kronk. Caylee’s mother was indicted and charged with murder in the first degree and the state has asked for the death penalty if she is found guilty. The case has captured world wide attention and people are sitting on edge waiting for the outcome of this trial.

Judge Belvin Perry is about the fairest judge one could ask for in a case such as this one. He does a very good job keeping the defense and the prosecution in line. My advice to the attorney’s involved, would be not to try and pull one over on the judge. They won’t get away with it with him.

Today Judge Perry made a few rulings on some of the motions filed by defense attorney Jose Baez.

The defense team wanted to use the past record of the man that found the remains of little Caylee Anthony, saying he had a possible history of inappropriate behavior with young girls, a history of abusing, restraining and holding women against their will, using duct tape to restrain women and even said there is a chance he knew the locations of the remains buy finasteride uk online before alerting law enforcement.

Perry ruled that Roy Kronk can be questioned about the calls he made reporting the suspicious looking bag but his past history can not be used against him during the trial.

Perry also denied the defense motion that asked for permission to subpoena photos that they claim a search volunteer took of Suburban Drive and he has denied the defense seeking to limit telephoto lenses.

Perry did however approve an additional $860.70 in taxpayer funding from the JAC for transcript services.

Prosecutors wanted to be allowed to question Tim Miller, president of Texas Equusearch about a statement he made that Anthony almost marked on a map where Caylee was. The defense argued that the opinion of Miller was unfounded, irrelevant and immaterial. I guess Judge Perry agreed.

Defense said that a table knife that was found in Anthony’s car had no link to the case and shouldn’t be used as evidence at the trial and Perry agreed with them.

The next appearance in court for the defense which Anthony will not be attending is set for Monday, January 24 at 4 pm when Judge Perry will hear more of the motions filed by Baez. They are expected to be asking for more investigative hours. They asked Perry for an additional 300 hours which if approved could cost the taxpayers and additional $12,000. will be covering the hearing live.

I will be so happy once this case goes to trial. It has taken way too long to prepare for this case at the expense of the taxpayers. I hope if I ever got into trouble and can’t pay for my defense that the state spares no expense like the state of Florida has done in this case to make sure I get the best possible defense there is. This woman is getting way more than she deserves, but then again that is only my opinion.

Jan Barrett

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