Two Heart-Shaped Stickers:
At the Crime Scene
On Casey Anthony’s Photobucket Account

Casey and Caylee Anthony

Killers almost always leave clues at their crime scenes, either inadvertently or intentionally. In the case of little Caylee Anthony, her killer left behind a heart shaped clue: an indentation in the shape of a small heart on the duct tape that covered Caylee’s remains. A small heart sticker, the same size and shape as the indentation, was recovered at the scene. Investigators believe the sticker was placed on the duct tape that covered little Caylee’s mouth intentionally.

Forensic psychologists will have a field day discussing the motives behind the heart shaped sticker.

When we were perusing evidence photos relating to the Casey Anthony case, we discovered a photo that belonged to Casey Anthony that was retrieved from her Photobucket account. The date the photo was posted on the site: June 3, 2008. Someone had photoshopped a small heart onto the bottom left side of the photo.

Photo retrieved from Casey Anthony’s Photobucket account

In Discovery documents released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Casey’s remains were found wrapped in a black plastic bag then placed inside a laundry bag. Caylee’s skull was found with silver duct tape placed across the mouth and attacked to her hair. Forensic investigators later detected the heart shaped indentation, indicating that someone had placed a heart shaped sticker over the duct tape.

Inside the bag, investigators found clothing: a small pair of white shorts, size 2T, with vertical stripes, a shirt, size 3T, small cloth iron on letters, as well as a Winnie the Pooh blanket. At the crime scene, investigators also discovered a small toy plastic horse.

A Search Warrant requested that investigators search the Anthony home for any type of similar toy horse. Also in the search warrant: arts and crafts material, stickers, scrapbooking material, as well as Casey Anthony’s shoes and the clothing Caylee was last seen wearing on June 16.

The next photo was found by investigators to have been posted by Casey on her photobucket account:

As well as this one which was posted on May 31:

On July 7, Casey Anthony wrote the following entry on her MySpace page. The entry was subsequently deleted:

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by Mondoreb/LBG
Source: Casey Anthony Case: The Curious Coincidence of the Heart Shaped Sticker at the Crime Scene and the Heart Photoshopped on Caylee’s Photo

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