Police Bust Another Nanny Story
About Another Missing Florida Tot

As we wrote yesterday, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction in the case of the Florida 6-month-old baby boy reported missing by his parents who claimed their nanny hadn’t returned him Christmas Eve, and the eery similarities to the Casey-Caylee Anthony case.

Miami police arrested Meagan McCormic today and charged her with giving false information after a frantic two day search for her 6-month-old son, Riley. Police determined that the whole thing was a hoax.

McCormic had lured John Buchness, a former boyfriend, to Miami, claiming that she had had his son, Riley Archer. McCormic purportedly miscarried a baby. She then claimed that the fake 6-month-old baby had “disappeared” with a nanny named Camille on Tuesday. Police then issued an Amber Alert.

We pointed out in our first story, Caylee Anthony Case: Another Florida Couple Claim Nanny Took Baby Boy the eery similarity to the Caylee Anthony case: both “nannys” were mysterious. The now infamous Zenaida Gonzales, the woman who purportedly abducted, then murdered little 2-yr-old Caylee Anthony, versus the new “nanny” kidnapper on the block, the “French” speaking “Camille” with no last name or address.

We wrote that even if the story given by the couple were true, the police would be looking at them with a jaundiced eye. Especially after the 5 1/2 month ordeal relating to the disappearance of Caylee Anthony, which ended on December 11 when a meter reader discovered what looked like human remains less than a 1/4 mile from Casey Anthony’s home.

We also pointed out that if the story were true, that a baby boy had indeed been absconded by his nanny, Casey Anthony’s attorneys would latch onto it like rats in a sinking ship as proof their client was telling the “truth”, that Caylee’s nanny had taken her.

Today we learned that the newest so-called “nanny” caper had even more parallels to the Caylee Anthony case: both Casey Anthony and Megan McCormic have been charged with giving false information to the police regarding missing children. While Caylee Anthony was an all too real child, Megan McMormic’s “Riley” was made up.

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Source: Casey Anthony Case: Miami Police Charge Woman Who Claimed Baby was Taken by Nanny

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