Sources are telling BNN that ex-fiance of Casey Anthony, Jessie Grund is on his way to the court house. He could well be up on the stand this afternoon.

While on the ‘defense’ witness list rather than the ‘prosecution’ list, it would seem doubtful that he will have much to say to bolster the defense case.

If anything Jessie Grund represents another ‘land mine’ for the defense team to stand on should the prosecution decide to explore certain aspects.

If it is true that Jessie Grund is going to testify, this could well be an interesting development. Of course the defense likely will use their technique of ‘pop tarting’ witnesses which may well cause a problem for the prosecution to drive their Mack Truck through the door that potentially could be opened. It is an interesting ‘cat and mouse’ game that I am sure the prosecution are not very happy with.

More information when we get it.

Simon Barrett

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