Were it not that a young child was murdered the entire case surrounding the death of Caylee Anthony could form the raw material of a sitcom. The trial edges forward toward the May deadline, and the sideshows and idiocy continue to unfold.

I don’t think that anyone that watched todays court antics can doubt that Judge Belvin Perry has had about enough of Jose Baez and his sidekick Chaney Mason.

A particularly interesting event was Perry asking if the teams would be available on May/4 for a hearing about objects to the location of the trial. In a previous motion Baez had requested that it be moved out of Orange County as he thought that it would be impossible to locate an impartial jury. The case has received such blanket coverage in the press that his client stood little chance of a fair trial. This motion was granted. Apparently Perry is contemplating announcing his choice of venue on May/2 and on May/4 will hear objections.

Jose Baez was incensed at only having two days to formulate a plan. He would need time to research the new location. Perry was obviously expecting this response and in a deft maneuver took all of the wind out of Baez’s sails. In the motion to move the trial Baez had already investigated possible locations, in fact had been so bold as to recommend some. Why would he need more time?

Baez was still grumbling about fair and impartial juries when Perry snapped back that:

The jurors are not supposed to be deaf, dumb and totally uninformed

In a high profile case such as Casey Anthony it is unreasonable to expect to be able to find a jury that had not heard of the case before.

Also, in what is becoming a regular feature in the Belvin Perry vs Jose Baez exchanges were references to the defense not sharing information with the prosecution.

It was not a good day for Baez, in fact it has not been a great week for him. No details have been released but it has been confirmed that another Bar Complaint has been filed against him. He has so far dodged the press on the nature of the complaint. But my suspicion is that it might well be connected to Brad Conway and an Oct/3/2010 he gave with law enforcement.

You can read the PDF here.

The reason that I believe this may be at the root is a comment that it has been reported Chaney Mason made to Kathi Belich (WFTV) after the court fiasco this afternoon:

Mr. Baez did not lie to anybody and you are a pain in the ass

Ouch, that is not the way to foster good relations with the press.

Simon Barrett

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