I have a website called Bad Breeders which most people think is about dogs but it isn’t. It’s about various parenting travesties that have made their way to the media in one way or another.

Back when the story first broke I was covering incessantly about the disappearance of Caylee Anthony and the shenanigans of her mother Casey Anthony and grandmother Cindy Anthony. However when psychics and bounty hunters and the Nancy Graces of the world started getting involved it became way too much of a circus for me and I started a self-imposed embargo on Casey Anthony stories.

That was until I saw this article from CNN. It echoes what a lot of people have been saying that they can’t convict Casey Anthony without a body. Personally I disagree. While it is a gamble it’s not impossible and more common that you think.

Off the top of my head I can name two cases where people were convicted without a body. The first is Tom Capano. He was a high profile attorney from Delaware who was having an affair wit the then Governor’s secretary. He killed her and dumped her body of the Jersey Shore. The body of Ann Marie Fahey was never found. The second one that comes to recent memory was that of Hans Resier the famous computer file type designer who stood accused of killing his wife.. All of his supporters claimed that you can’t convict without the body of his wife Nina. After he was convicted he led police to his wife’s body.

There’s another case from New Orleans that I couldn’t find a whole lot of information about but it sticks out in my memory. It that case. Ted Genter bragged that he killed a woman known only as Lydia that nobody could even prove existed. Genter was also convicted without a body after his cohort, William Morehouse, confessed. The victim turned out to be one Caryn Beth Capps.

I think the Caylee Anthony disappearance fits very well next to those other cases. The only thing that will free Casey Anthony is if Caylee shows up alive and well. I think the odds of that happening are slim and none and slim just left.

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