At 4pm today BNN will once more be hitting the airwaves to discuss the latest events in the Casey Anthony Trial. And there are lots of things to talk about.

Friday afternoon the lights were on and the cameras rolling as Judge Perry heard yet another series of arguments in the case. Considering the clash of personalities between Jose Baez and Jeff Ashton it was a surprisingly ‘adult’ and well behaved hearing. One can only assume that Baez and Ashton have taken to heart Judge Perry’s ATM threat if they play the Terrible Two’s in his court room.

Saturday saw the airing of the CBS 48 Hours special on the Casey Anthony case. Looking online today, I think it is fair to say that the only news organization that seems to think this was a sensible, timely, or worthwhile project is CBS!

Jose Baez has mentioned in court a number of times that his client cannot get a fair trial because she has already deem tried and convicted by the press. Yet he and his team participated in this program! Go figure…

Todays panel will consist of Simon and Jan Barrett, crime writer Denny Griffin, Statement Analysis guru Peter Hyatt, Journalist Dave Knechel, and Recovery Agent William Cobra Staubs.

I know that everyone on the panel has much to say on the activities of the past two days. Did our eyes deceive us? Or was Casey smooching with Cheney Mason? What happened to the Mental Health experts? Can a panel of 20 people be found in a five day hunt? Those dang photo’s of Casey whooping it up knowing full well that her daughter was missing? And that was just Friday!

The 48 Hours debacle on Saturday raises another raft of ugly questions. Top of my list is the ethics involved. It seems to me that no one left that battlefield unscathed. CBS should be taken out back and beaten for putting the program on in the first place. With jury selection set to start in three weeks, this is the best way I can think of to taint a jury pool.

Worse still, no one seemed to come out on top from this special. Ex-defense attorney Linda Kenny Baden killed any chance of rehabilitating the Zanny The Nanny myth. Also Jose Baez once more forced himself into the dunces corner over the mysterious reason that his client did not report Caylee Anthony missing. It took 31 days and a call from Casey’s mother Cindy to report the child missing. Once again Jose Baez gave us the line that Casey Anthony had good reasons, and they would be explained at trial. I can hardly wait!

It seems to me at Jose Baez made a somewhat similar declaration late in 2009. By Feb/1 2010 he would produce compelling evidence of his clients innocence. That court deadline came and went, we are still waiting.

Please join us this afternoon for what should be a pretty lively discussion. To listen live you can use this link, or point your browser to at 4pm eastern, you will find the link on the front page.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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