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As the Casey Anthony trial looms large in the near future the flurry of motions by the defense team has increased significantly. Just about the only motion Jose Baez and Cheney Mason has not yet filed is an objection to the style of foot wear worn by the investigating officers. But, they obviously are holding this ace till the last possible moment!

I have often wondered what it must be like to be a fly on the wall to witness the private interactions between Jose Baez and Cheney Mason.

ABC managed to get some footage, and to say the least I was shocked. Clearly both men are very concerned about ‘leaks’, and have started using their own secret code to discuss the case.

Having reviewed the video numerous times I think there are certain word patterns in the audio that reveal the gist of the conversation.

I am pretty certain that Jose Baez and Chaney Mason are discussing the pro’s and con’s of getting rid of Judge Strickland and getting stuck with Judge Perry.

Later in the conversation I believe that tactics for removing Judge Perry are discussed. Translation of their secret code is difficult, but clearly something is in the air!

Watch the video for yourself:

Baez and Mason in a ‘leak proof’ environment.

Simon Barrett

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