The team of Mannie Barling and Simon Barrett have decided to take one last look at this case. We have invited our good friends Dave Knechel and William Cobra Staubs to join us.

You can expect some fireworks!

The Casey Anthony story is one that just seems to have created a life of its own. Wars rage daily on Twitter and various other online houses of ill repute.

Did she escape justice? That is an interesting question. Or did justice let her escape?

It is easy to sit back and review the situation and the result. It is much more difficult to be dispassionate and be objective.

Seeing as everyone is screaming exclusive these days. We here at Blogger News have to jump into the fray. And before anyone starts screaming, we are not trying to sell these pictures to the press! They are, what they are. If you think they are fakes, fine, don’t look at them.

Is this George in his back yard a few days after it became apparent that Caylee was never coming back?


Is this George looking in than dang shed? On the left you can spot a shovel.



Is this a shot of the security system monitor that the Anthony’s had installed?


Here is the real trick question, who is it, and what might they be doing?



I have no idea if these photos are real, but they are interesting. It was me that slapped the watermark on, because yes, it was Cobra that provided them to me. However, he was not the photographer. I have no idea if he will spill the beans on Ansel Adams. I guess we will have to wait and see.

I do hope that you will join us tomorrow on the radio, I am sure that these photos will be part of the discussion. To listen live, please use this link.

Simon Barrett



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