If you missed today’s program, you missed a very interesting discussion. When you take four people Mannie Barling, Simon Barrett, William Cobra Staubs and Dave Knechel , throw in a subject as contentious as Casey Anthony and you have trouble on your hands.

Yup, I was right, it was a fine example of 4 people disagreeing. But a whole lot of interesting information surfaced. I was not privy to the circumstances that some photo’s were taken under. You can find them here.

We now know a good deal more. We know the when and it should not take a whole lot of brain power to work out the who.  Are they significant? That is hard to tell. Significance varies from who you talk to.

It also depends on what they are perceived as showing. Reading between the lines, I suspect  that the photographer has more, but he is being somewhat cagey as to what are in the other pictures. I have my suspicions as to where they are headed, but I will keep that to myself.

One of the subjects that came up in the program is the civil case that Texas Equusearch has launched against Casey Anthony. It is morally and ethically correct, but seems  to potentially be on marshland from a legal standpoint.  

Only time will tell.

If you missed the live broadcast of Barling & Barrett you can listen to the recording here.

Simon Barrett

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