OK now I almost fell out of my chair when I came across this. I mean it is laughable. Is it possible that Bozo objects to what Simon likes to call the “Girlie Network”. Simon and I have a difference in opinion on what we watch on TV but it usually lands on either Lifetime or the Lifetime Movie Network. I don’t think I could survive TV without those channels.

Now the attorney’s are asking that the two channels be removed from the list that Judge Belvin Perry has approved of for the jurors to watch during the murder trial for Casey Anthony coming up next month unless they can get a specific programming schedule for May, June and July. If they can get confirmation that there are no shows that could jeopardize jurors impartiality the objection will be withdrawn.

Neither side of the attorney’s wants the jurors to be exposed to coverage of the trial that might be seen on TV but I honestly doubt Lifetime or Lifetime Movie Network will carry the news on the trial.Now I can understand not approving of channels such as CNN or HLN and even local TV stations that airs local news programs.

Judge Perry has released a list including 20 channels that they will be allowed to watch, which include some like the Home Shopping Network, TVLand, Cartoon Network and Bravo, plus others. If I was there I would freak out, probably suffering from some sort of withdrawal symptoms.

I can’t see any juror happy about having to sit down and watch the Cartoon Network or the Home Shopping Channel, which by the way, they would probably not be allowed to call out to order anything they might see on there. That would be torture to any American woman.

Oh well I am just glad I am not going to be one of those jurors. Better yet I am sure Casey Anthony is even happier that I am not.

Jury selection for the trial is scheduled to begin on May 9th. Casey Anthony is going to trial for murdering her 2 year old daughter in June of 2008. She has been charged with first degree murder with the death penalty on the table.

Justice for Caylee Marie Anthony!

Jan Barrett

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