We have a black aging arthritic ex football player who killed two people, and we have a young white lady who has only killed one person. About the only thing in common is the legal system. It is no wonder that the legal profession is held in such low esteem. One of my favorite jokes, someone mentioned this the other day.. ‘So what do you say when a cruise ship sinks, and it has 5000 lawyers on it, there are no survivors?’… ‘A good start’ my young friend informed me.

I have nothing against the legal profession, other than the fact that in my 30 plus years of working in the Computer industry, I would not ever dream of doing work in a law office. Lawyers are dead beats when it comes to paying their own bills. The only way I would ever go fix a Lawyers computer was if he payed up front, and signed a waver that he would not sue me. Oh, and I bill in 6 minute increment, and if I think about the problem while in the shower, or drinking a coffee, thats billable as well!

The disappearance, and likely death of a small defenseless 3 year old, Caylee Anthony has created a countrywide outcry. What happened to this little girl? Mother Casey Anthony has been upgraded from ‘person of interest’ to ‘prime suspect’, yet she still has her freedom. This young lady, who almost everyone other than her mother calls her a pathological liar, seems to be skating on some magical ice.

Yes, everyone deserves to have legal representation, even Sadam Hussein had a lawyer. Casey Anthony has no money, and apparently her car smells of dead people, so that precludes using it as collateral. But, there is always some ‘ambulance chaser’ looking to make it to the big time. Enter Jose Baez, in my opinion, this fine upstanding member of the legal community has the smarts of a slug. I can just imagine his previous cases. No doubt he ekes out a living defending hookers… “Your honor, my client is not a prostitute, she was legally selling condoms and offered a free demonstration”.

Jose Baez has made a huge mistake taking the Casey Anthony case, and an even bigger mistake in a comment he made today. It is one thing making dumb comments when defending the local hoodlum, it is entirely a different thing when the world asks “Why doesn’t Casey Anthony just tell what she knows”? Mr (I am not so smart) Baez replies

“It is not in my clients best interest to tell what she knows”.

This was such a dumb statement, and a statement that will come back to haunt Mr Baez, oh Jose, I hear they are hiring at McDonald’s, you might need to downsize from the BMW to a KIA, but I hear the benefits are good.

Simon Barrett


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