Here is the bad news, WE ARE BAAAACK.

After several months of consideration Jan and I have decided to resurrect our 4pm eastern radio program. It was not a snap decision, although selecting tomorrow to kick it back into high gear certainly was!

The regular panel has had scant warning that we are back in action, and so it will be interesting to see who turns up. But that is the joy of live radio.

On the block tomorrow are several cases that have gleaned the interest of the public. The one in the press right now is the impending May trial of Casey Anthony. She stands accused of killing her daughter Caylee Anthony. This case has polarized not just Orlando, Florida, but the entire country.

If the antics of Casey Anthony were not enough, the stealing of checks, getting a tattoo when supposedly grieving and searching for her missing daughter Caylee were not enough, we have the rest of the circus!

Her defense team is led by two of the most obnoxious and rude lawyers I have ever encountered. Jose Baez and Channey Mason take the cake for rudeness. Jose because he is to young too understand, and Mason because he is old enough to know better!

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that the US Taxpayer is footing the bill for both sides! I am still waiting for a sensible argument as to why Casey Anthony is not being represented by a public defender. To date the defence has burned its way through $275,000 of private money and $90,000 of ‘hand outs’ from the state (your tax payer dollars at work).

Of course the cynic in me might be tempted to say something along the lines.. I did not push for a speedy trial, I just want to milk the system.

One has to wonder if the technique is working. It seems to my untrained eye that ‘pro bono’ ‘expert witnesses’ are leaving the sinking ship faster than rats off a sinking ship.

I am not an expert on the law, and I could be wrong. But I was forced to take 3 years of Latin. Pro Bono means free? One definition has it as ‘giving back’. So why do ‘pro bono’ experts drop out when there is no money?

Also on the program we will be looking at some other cases.

I hope that you will join us Listen In.

Simon Barrett

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