Readers of my articles have likely figured out that I have little use for the entire Anthony clan, and very little respect for the legal team putting on her defense. The fact that the tax payer is funding Casey Anthony’s defense just pours salt on the wounds.

However, I also understand that the young lady does deserve legal representation, and she cannot pay for it. She is charged with a crime that could well see her sent to Death Row, the killing of her daughter Caylee Anthony.

I have no financial interest in the outcome, I am merely grumpy. I get specially grumpy when I hear rumors concerning people that possibly do stand to reap large monetary rewards from the case. The book and movie rumors have been flying for quite a while. They have been strongly denied, but you can bet your bottom dollar that when the dust settles, it will be a feeding frenzy.

A couple of days ago I came across a far more overt scheme to make money from the case. This one is even worse than the Jose Baez, Cheney Mason, and Casey Anthony ‘bobble head doll’ collection.

I noticed a couple of hits coming into BNN from a site that I had never heard of I decided to investigate.

This is the homepage:


There are two interesting aspects, in BIG red letters, This Domain For Sale’, also, it has no original content whatsoever. Articles are just being scraped from other sources.

Towards the bottom of the page is the ability to send a message by clicking Inquire:


It is an auction for the URL!

Of course one has to tread carefully when entering the mire of who owns what, but, the owner would appear to be VOINCO Inc.

VOINCO in turn appears to be some sort of no-name web development company.


A quick analysis of the ownership of the site reveals:


What a bunch of losers! Take my advice VOINCO, invest in Bobble Head Doll futures. Because this is a shameless and stupid attempt to make money from the death of a young child. I am sure that someone will buy the site that you payed $10 to register for a great deal more. But this is Blood Money.

I am sure that Enterprise, Florida will be overjoyed with the new income.

Everyone has an Asshole rectum, but it does not mean that it is your best feature!

These people get my ‘idiot of the week award’!

Note: All references to and the Casey site are intentionally left unclickable!

Simon Barrett

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