CNN used to check and recheck their facts before releasing them to an unwitting world. Alas, that level of quality control no longer seems to be part of the corporate mindset.

In the latest update on the Casey Anthony upcoming trial there is this wonderful statement:

The location where the trial will be held will not be revealed publicly until the morning that jury selection begins. Perry said that a single person each with the defense and prosecution teams would be told in advance where the proceedings would be, only so they can make logistical arrangements.

Umm, note to CNN, we know exactly where the trial will be held. At issue is not the location of the trial, but the location where the jury will be selected from. If BNN or some other ‘lowly’ news source were to spout this type of rubbish, there would be hell to pay. But if you are a big network I guess you can say whatever sounds good! I guess that the next expose will be Nancy (don’t you think my twins are cute) Grace getting one of her bald headed serfs to explain that ‘Bombshell! Exclusive Muammar Gaddafi did it’!

Every news agency makes mistakes, but this one is so large that you really have to wonder just how CNN works.

Simon Barrett

Update: Someone at CNN apparently read this article. They have now changed it. …Let me see if I still have the screen shot….


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