I spend my waking hours reading, I am surprised that after 55 years I have not worn this set of eyeballs out! Reading is fun, reading is educational, there is always some speck of gold to be found in the written word. Even the ingredient list on a can of soup has useful and entertaining information if you know where to look.

Court documents on the other hand tend to be dry and boring. On any given day I would take a Hunts Tomato Sauce can label over a court transcript. Court transcripts tend to be two well dressed people talking about nothing that I give a damn about.

Once in a great while I stumble upon a court transcript that breaks the mold.

I was sent one today that I am still giggling over. Some enterprising TV person should turn it into a Sitcom!

Casey Anthony walked away a free woman from the well publicized trial. But her problems are hardly over. Right now she has to deal with a civil suit brought by Zenaida Gonzalez .

Ms. Anthony was forced to take part in a deposition. For people that like a good laugh you can get the ‘Whole meal deal’ here.

Just about the the only question that she did not take the Fifth Amendment on was her name!

It is hard to find the best quotes, and I really think that the reader should enjoy the entire meal, rather than a couple of ‘cherry picked’ items, But… oh well…

Q Are you familiar with the person by the name of Zenaida Gonzalez?

A. MR. GREENE:On behalf of Miss Anthony and 19 pursuant to the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article 1 of the Florida Constitution, I instruct her not to answer that question, and I object on the grounds it could tend to incriminate.

I’d say it went downhill from that point!

Q Miss Anthony, was there ever a person named “Zanny” or “Zenaida” who was a nanny to your child, Caylee Anthony?

This got a 5th!

Q Now, Miss Anthony, in your criminal trial here in Orange County, your attorney stated that there was never, in fact, a Zenaida Gonzalez, a Zanny the Nanny or any such person.
Did you hear that?

This got a 5th!

Maybe the most fun was to be found with the Lawyers sparring. It was a video deposition, and it is always nice to know who is in the room.

MR. GREENE: By the way, John, could — John, could you tell us who’s in the room with you there?

MR. MORGAN: Yes. John Dill, who’s my law partner; my son Matthew, who is also my law partner;  David McKeon, the greatest IT man in America, who was here on time unlike your guy; Laura, the court reporter, and a very handsome Jeff Fleming, videographer.

Ouch, that was a clear dig that the Casey camp had a few tech problems.

This case is just starting, and I think it is going to get interesting.

Simon Barrett

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