For our first program Mannie and I decided to select the Casey Anthony story. She has once again been in the media. The current furor is over a video diary that surfaced late last week.

It was with humor that we watched the media hype.

Where did the Youtube video come from? What was its purpose?

There was also the tantalizing tease of more video’s to come.

I found the entire deal to be amusing. Barling & Barrett are not your regular people. This video actually surfaced several weeks ago. Four minutes of Casey at her finest! But the talk of the town was are there more?

The Casey Videos were a discussion point on the program. Mannie named the buyer, but for legal reasons he is unable to name the seller for 30 days.

The Buyer by the way is the illustrious National Enquirer. That should have obvious by a couple of clues left on their Radar Online site.

More fun though is to watch the main stream media chase their tails with the Briley family. That is indeed entertainment at its finest!

The question that everyone is asking is where is Casey Anthony. On this question Mannie played it cool by narrowing it down to “Southern Florida”, but I suspect he might just be holding back some information.

Mannie and I are good friends, but even I was fishing for answers from him as to who the seller of the video was. I tried ‘Chumming the waters’ with a reference to musician Ken Hensley but he would not take the bait. No it was not Uriah Heaps Ken Hensley, but I was hoping for some name association!

Alas Mannie is a wily old fox. He wasn’t buying what I was selling!

It was a great program, and if you missed the live broadcast, you can catch the recording here.

Barling & Barrett will be back next Sunday. The subject TBA.

Simon Barrett

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