When it comes down to having a sequestered jury there obviously is a need to shield them from outside interference and influence. Last week Judge Perry floated a list of 20 TV channels that he thought were harmless, and unlikely to cause any swaying of the jury. I looked at the list, and I have to admit that my heart went out to the poor folks that will be forced to this cable nightmare. This is genuinely a package that not even a cable company would try and sell.

* Animal Planet
* Bravo
* Cartoon Network
* Food Network
* Golf Channel
* Lifetime
* Lifetime Movie Network
* SoapNet
* Speed Channel
* Style
* SciFi
* Travel Channel
* TV Land
* USA Network

Well I don’t know about you, but I would be going stir crazy with this cable package.

Apparently either the defense or prosecution (up for grabs) wants to limit the Jurors choices even more. Someone wants the Girlie channels Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network removed from the list. Alas no-one seems to know which side defense or prosecution is responsible for wishing a ban on the ‘Girlie Channels’.

WESH are saying:


It is the defense team!

While WFTV are running the headline:


Clearly it is the prosecutors that object.

Who is correct?

Methinks someone is going to get abused by a boss when the truth emerges.

Simon Barrett

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