Last weeks three days of court haggling over inadmissibility of evidence, and yesterdays ‘closing arguments’ have me wondering a great deal as to what the final outcome of the trial of Casey Anthony will be.

One thing was clear from this last four days of court time, the Anthony defense team of Jose Baez and Chaney Mason have changed tactics. Rather than try to place blame on meter readers, missing children search organizations, or fictitious Nannies they have their sights set on a different target. Pulling a page out of the OJ Simpson criminal murder trial play book they have decided to apparently ignore the guilt or innocence of Casey Anthony and instead pick holes in the prosecutions methodology in investigating the crime. Are we watching a replay of the Mark Fuhrman debacle?

It was a tortuous three and a half days of arguments. And the king of the filibuster award has to go to Cheney Mason, I swear that if you asked him what the time his watch had, it would take at least an hour to get the 10 second answer out of him. It would be quicker to pound a stake into the ground and improvise a sundial!

While most of the arguments had the umami of a three day old donut it became very clear that the Baez/Mason team were cherry picking. The favorite target has moved from Zenaida to Miranda! The objective would seem to be twofold. Firstly it would prevent a great deal of damning although circumstantial early evidence, such as the 911 calls, the ‘oops I was only kidding about working at Universal Studios’, and that icky ‘smell of death in the car trunk’ problem.

One has to opine that if Baez does win this skirmish, does he then move on to bigger prey? I think the answer has to be yes. But it will not be about proving the innocence of his client, it will be more about proving the ‘flawed’ techniques used by the prosecution and law enforcement.

Are we sitting on the cusp of another high profile trial that has nothing about guilt or innocence? Rather it is just about procedure and finger pointing?

One thing is for certain, little Caylee Anthony is dead. It does not matter what you may think of the guilt or innocence of mother Casey Anthony, the possible role of grand parents George and Cindy Anthony, or even brother Lee. Caylee Anthony did not put Duct Tape on herself and then climb into a Laundry bag, then a trash bag, and in a final demonstration of youthful defiance throw herself into a flooded swamp!

Simon Barrett

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