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On Thursday we found ourselves dealing with a 10 minute hearing. Jose Baez was missing, one can only assume that Jose had bigger fish to fry, or, his dry cleaners were holding his suits as ransom for unpaid bills? I don’t know, so don’t jump down my throat!

The Thursday hearing however seemed like the summer of ’67 love fest. I was almost expecting prosecutor Jeff Ashton and defense council Cheney Mason to put on Tie-dye shirts, flip flops, headbands, and head off to smoke a joint in the nearest VW-Bus!

Friday saw a very different situation.

What was supposed to be a continuation of the ‘Frye Hearing’ moved into many other areas. Both Prosecution’s Ashton and the always interesting defense lead Jose Baez got a wonderfully constructed verbal beating by Judge Perry on Friday. Perry had clearly had enough of them performing like naughty children, and in announcing the break for lunch suggested:

I would stop by my favorite ATM machine because if I… I have told you in the rooms around you, descriptive adjectives such as you used some of the content both of you have exhibited …

The bottom line was that Judge Perry had enough of the bickering. The deal going forward was that the ‘guilty party’ had the option of voluntarily handing $100 cash over for each transgression, the money would be given to the United Way. The other choice was the option of being found in Contempt of the court, a black mark on the persons permanent record, and the same $100 being spent.

Clearly the message was received by both Baez and Ashton. They were for the most part much better behaved after the lunch break.

Join us on Sunday Apr/3 at 4pm eastern as we discuss the case and these most recent developments. As always the panel is in a state of flux, but I am sure that most of the regulars will be joining us.

In the mean time, I really suggest that you check out this link, I am still laughing over the picture caption.
No Pad, No Pen, No Love?

This is the link to listen Live on Sunday.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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