Well one is male and one is female, one was a NFL star, the other a star at the local disco’s. Both have suffered a great loss. And both seem to have a little issue telling the truth? In the case of OJ being innocent, my answer is a big fat NO, but he had enough really stupid people (Cato), enough scientific wiz kids, enough dumb cops like Fuhrman and Vannadder, and who can forget the Dream Team of lawyers, “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit”, Johnny Cochran entreated us.

Unless you have an IQ that is smaller than your hat size, OJ was guilty of a double murder, I believe he holds the NFL record for ‘Most people killed in a single day’. Alas the Dream Team managed to assemble a jury who had the combined IQ of a gnat. As a result OJ walked.

So lets talk about Casey Anthony, the evidence is mounting up, if she didn’t do the deed she certainly knows who did. But the Anthony family are nothing if not close knit. They all seem to prefer fiction to fact. On the odd occasion that a fact accidentally slips out from their Teflon lips they are quick to retract it. Cindy made the 911 call about the horrible smell in Casey’s car “It smells like a dead body”. She was quick to retract this by telling us that it was just a rotting pizza. The latest re-invention is that maybe someone put a dead body in the trunk after the car had been towed. Give me a break, I may have fell off a turnip truck, but it wasn’t last night!

Casey has not yet assembled her ‘Dream Team’, but there has to be someone footing the bill. Why would the Padilla family post a bond for $500,000? They claim they are not being paid! Well, this goes back to the turnip truck comment. Someone is paying, but who is it? I keep my ear’s and eyes open, often the answer is found in what people and organizations don’t say. There is one news org that is being very quiet, it is also the only org that seems to be giving this story very minimal coverage, yet they were also the only folks that got inside Padilla’s traveling circus for an exclusive.

News is a strange thing, if you are on the production side, you want to keep it fresh and keep it coming. This week was taken up by the Democratic love fest in Denver, next week the focus is on the Republicans, I can only hope that the White House has wheelchair access! But what about the week after? Why did Leonard Padilla flip flop on the bail bond?

In my mind, they won’t sling her back in the slammer till September 5th, you have to keep the news rolling. The good news is, she will be heading back to jail.

So who is bankrolling this misadventure? I have my theory, whats yours?

Oh. and if you want a hot tip about OJ Simpson, his trial for armed robbery starts on the 8th of September. I have friends in low places, and rumor has it there is going to be some ‘fun’ press releases next week! I would love to tell you, but I am sworn to secrecy.

Simon Barrett


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