The regular panel of Simon and Jan Barrett, William Cobra Staubs, Denny Griffin and Dave Knechel once again put their collective heads together to look back at the events in the Casey Anthony trial that hit the news last week, also explored what the future may hold.

Jury selection is slated to start tomorrow, so the opportunities for any new shenanigans by either the Defense or State seem somewhat diminished. However, I just have a gut feeling that some ‘off the wall’ to delay the trial will be attempted by the defense team. Maybe the ‘Dog ate my notes on the way to jury selection’ motion?

The major highlights last week were Casey Anthony refusing a visit by her mother Cindy Anthony. A small cadre of the press getting a ‘pee pee’ whacking by the Appeals Court. George and Cindy Anthony being granted an exception, they will be allowed in the court prior to them taking the stand. And the as yet unknown 30 depositions that the defense suddenly decided they needed to file late on Friday. These are clearly way too late to be part of the ‘discovery’ process, just housekeeping?

All these, and other subjects came under the panel’s scrutiny.

If you missed the live broadcast you can catch the recording here.

We will be putting up an update on the Casey Anthony trial tomorrow morning. But we will wait until Judge Perry actually announces the jury selection location rather than play ‘spin the bottle’. There are also some little quirks that Big Media might have missed. Maybe there will be some answers early in the morning.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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