With it being Easter Sunday I was surprised by the number of loyal listeners that tuned in. Thank you and happy Easter.

Although there were no courtroom hijinks this week there was still a great deal to talk about. Judge Perry ruled on one of the Frye motions, the stains in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car are fair game for the jury to hear.  I have to admit that this decision did not surprise me, and I believe that Judge Perry likely will admit most of the Frye contested items.

Also there were two wonderfully separated, yet symbiotic depositions published. Friend Amy Huisenga and Anthony Lazzaro.

Considering both of these depositions were taken by the defense, I find it somewhat difficult to figure out where or how they might use the information to their advantage. Joining the information from the two depositions together we end up with… Casey is a louse, but a good mother, Cindy Anthony is marginally right wing of Attilla The Hun, and George Anthony maybe bad but no one saw him do it.

I have to admit that when I read the Lazzaro masterpiece I kept having flashbacks to the original OJ trial. I was meeting Kato Kaelin again!

Joining Jan and I to talk about last weeks developments were Bail Bondsman William Cobra Staubs and Orlando journalist Dave Knechel.

Even if you are not an active follower of the Casey Anthony trial you may want to at least listen to the first few minutes of the program. We were able to offer a musical treat, one that will be screaming up the Billboard charts next week. My thanks to everyone in the Charlie Daniels organization for letting me share that song.

To listen to the recording, please use this link.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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