There are many ways to view the ruling that came down on Friday. Some might view it as a loss for Judge Perry. The Appeals Court struck down the ‘non disclosure’ agreement that he had offered members of the press to obtain advance information as to the location of jury selection in the upcoming Casey Anthony trial. But, the other side of the coin is just as bad. No press outlet will have advance notice.

The selection process is set for Monday May/9. Where do yo send your people? The hot rumor today is Pinellas County, last week it was Palm Beach. Screw it up, you are going to have your equipment in all the wrong places on Monday. This would be a ratings disaster!

It has been another busy week in the prelude to the start of the trial.

Early this morning we discovered that Casey Anthony had refused a visit from her mother Cindy Anthony. I wonder why?

One wonders why the defense team put up such a spirited fight to preclude George and Cindy Anthony from ‘sitting in’ on the trial itself?

One also wonders why Cheney Mason asked for a 30 day delay to deal with the rather silly press group’s problem. One would think that if your client has already spent more time behind bars than many people found guilty of serious offenses you would be driving hard to get that day in court?

I have to wonder if Cheney Mason is regretting his statement that ‘this case will be fun’.

It does not seem to be a lot of fun right now!

We will be looking at all of these developments, and more, on our program tomorrow. We had hoped to have some special guests, but unfortunately they are too busy. Jose Baez and Cheney Mason are working on the logistics of renting a vehicle large enough to transport their ego’s to the jury selection site. Prosecutor Jeff Ashton is tied up all day in an anger management seminar. Geraldo Rivera is getting his mustache trimmed, Nancy Grace is trying to find a decent babysitter in Orlando, and George has agreed that because it is Mothers Day he will be washing the dishes while Cindy sees if there are new photos that might bring in a buck or two from the big TV Channels.

Other than that, it will be a star studded program.

To listen in, please use this link.

Simon Barrett

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