After the Jose Baez blunder a couple of days ago, I really didn’t think that it could get much worse for the hapless defense. But it did…

Everyone wound love to see Casey Anthony take the stand, but that is a dream. It will only be in a last minute ‘Hail Mary’ play that the defense team would take this huge risk. The prosecution would have a field day. Likely the Animal Chanel would use the footage on I, Predator or Untamed and Uncut. It would be pure carnage.

The prosecution started the day sitting quietly while Jose Baez did his best to try and throw mud balls at police detective Yuri Melich. One thing is very clear, Jose Baez is not destined for a career in Major League Baseball. His pitching skills leave much to be desired.

Once Jose Baez had thrown all of the mud balls in his bucket, it was once again back again with the prosecution. Wasting no time, the prosecution started to play a series of audio and video tapes that had Casey Anthony as the star. I am assuming that they share the opinion that Casey will not take the stand, and this was the next best thing.

The tapes were damaging beyond belief. Jose Baez did everything short of challenging Judge Perry to a duel to keep them being played. But played they were. Suddenly the ‘lies’ that the prosecution had alleged took on a new life. The lies were now coming from Casey herself.

It was an OUCH day for the defense.

Of course after the jury was released for the day, the Defense once again went into high gear. They want to add a new witness (expert) and George Anthony’s medical records.

The new witness is a lady by the name of Sally Karioth. She apparently would be discussing the personal grieving process.  From her bio:

Sally Karioth is a very special public speaker who has a gift for evoking a wide range of emotions from her audience. It is a gift she has acquired from her varied experiences as a nurse, teacher, writer, talk show hostess and nationally renowned grief therapist. And if one sentence characterizes her speeches, it is her slogan “life is not a dress rehearsal.”

Oh and according to this web site, she only charges $5-$10k for a speaking engagement. That seems a little out of the price range that Jose Baez might be able to squeeze out of the JAC.

There is of course another way of viewing these antics. Is Baez trying to pull a fast one? Maybe the plan is to create a stink over the Grief Therapist in the hope that he can slide George Anthony’s medical records in without anyone noticing.

Simon Barrett

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