Well actually quite a lot. One is old and reasonably rich, the other is young, brainless, and likely penniless.

But who paid the bigger price for being found guilty? Newt fessed up $300,000 yet Casey has managed to even avoid the $25 a month for probation. So who is the smarter one?

Casey was accused of murder; Newt was merely accused of politics. Where is the sense in this?

Newt found himself in a world of hurt, and a world of financial pain:

According to the nonpartisan fact check group PolitiFact, Gingrich was reprimanded by the House and ordered to pay the $300,000 penalty in 1997 for violating an ethics rule

Hmm $300k and he still runs wild?

Casey Anthony on the other hand can’t even afford the $25 a month probation!

Of course Newt has a big advantage over Casey. Newt has ‘Super Pac’s’ behind him, poor Casey does not.

About the only thing that Newt and Casey seem to agree on is marriage. Neither view it as a great goal. Newt seems to think that marriage should be ‘open’, Casey prefers the idea of being blond and saying ‘I know the perfect babysitter’.

In some ways I am surprised that Newt and Casey have not already met.

Comparing these two may seem strange, one only killed a single child. What the other might give me pause for thought.


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