The Casey Anthony story is one that just will not go away. Lets face it, she got away with murder! Sure, we can argue about the nits and grits, but the simple fact is she walked free.

Did the prosecution team ‘over charge’? That is easy to look at in hindsight, but I doubt that anyone on the prosecution team would fess up to committing such stupidity. Prosecutor Jeff Ashton is the poster child in this case. He retired just a couple of days after losing, sulked, and then wrote (or more likely had a ghost writer) write a book. Books are tricky beasts. Imperfect Justice is selling OK, but it is interesting to note that Amazon has slashed the purchase price from $26.99 to a more user friendly $13.49. If math is not your strong suit, that is half price.

Hmm, you have to wonder about the money dynamics at work here. I work with enough authors to understand this. At a price point of $13.49 I can only imagine how he will spend his $20 check from the publisher!

Jeff Ashton may have retired, but he is hardly out of the game. His next quest is to run for office as State Attorney. This might be a bit of an uphill battle. Who is going to vote for the guy that let the tot killer walk free?


Lets face it, this is exactly what you do not need from a prosecutor during closing arguments!

Jose Baez seems to also be on a pointless quest. The much rumored deal with Telemundo does not appear to be on the table. In fact Jose is looking at a bit of an issue. It is being claimed that he has lost his meal ticket, even Casey can no longer stand him. Of course there are two sides to the story. If there is truth in the rumor that Casey wanted $750,000 for an interview, well I understand his problem. The interview is worth a Big Mac, Fries, and regular soft drink (at best). So Jose seems to be on the outs.

Not even the intrepid Geraldo Rivera seems to be supporting Jose these days.

Hey remember the gal that sat day after day in court at Casey’s side? Consoling her, supporting her? Her name was Dorothy Sims. In a particularly interesting close encounter with the press, Ms Sims declared that she would be happy to leave her kids with Casey Anthony as the babysitter.


How come Ms Sims has filed papers to withdraw as Casey’s representative?

Casey Anthony seems to be losing friends faster than you can say MY COMPUTER WAS HACKED.

Simon Barrett






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