Once again Blogger News Network ran a radio update on the Casey Anthony case. The panel  this week was Simon and Jan Barrett, author and crime writer Denny Griffin, Bail bond Agent William Cobra Staubs, and journalist Dave Knechel.

I was expecting a lively program, and I was not let down!

Unlike some programs we encourage different points of view. Just about the only aspect of this trial that we all agree on is  that the Defense have a long hard road ahead of them.


Last week saw two more days of mainly dry bickering over the admissibility of some scientific evidence. The prosecution maintain ‘if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, its a damn duck’.


Meanwhile the defense steadfastly maintain that there is a lack of viable scientific evidence to explain what a duck is, never mind how it walks or quacks! It could just be a moose dressed up as a duck.  Of course this would be a bit of an uphill battle to put in front of a jury. But hell, they seem to be trying everything they can think of.

In my opinion the highlight of the two days came very late during the Friday ‘duck’ hearing. Judge Perry decided to share his thoughts on the subject of jury selection. Judge Perry is one of those ‘go get em’ guys and he made it abundantly clear that if a panel of 20 (12 jurors, 8 alternates) cannot be agreed on within a 5 day period, he would bring everyone back to Orlando and do the whole thing over.

This comment likely hit the defense harder than the prosecution. Jose Baez argued hard and long that his client Casey Anthony could not get a fair trial in Orlando because of the media attention. The jury pool would be tainted. In fact in his filings on that subject he even included one of Jan Barrett’s articles as proof. Odd really, Jan and I do not live in Orlando, in fact we don’t even live in Florida. But I guess this is more of the ‘duck analysis’ defense stuff!

Another subject that came up on todays program is the appearance of Jose Baez, Chaney Mason and members of the Anthony clan on a CBS 48 Hours program set to air next Saturday. (preview is here). I don’t see the prosecution team all over prime time TV, but I certainly do see the defense. With the trial so close to starting, why would Baez do this?

If you missed the live broadcast of our program you can listen to the recording here. All these questions and more, came under the scrutiny of the panel.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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