Jan and I were unsure as to scheduling a program this Sunday was a great idea. Easter Sunday is a time for family and reflection. After some careful consideration, we have decided to go on air. Our panel will be a little less than usual, but there are lots of aspects to discuss.

It was with humor that I read the Main Stream Media when they released the news that Judge Perry would allow the car trunk stain evidence in. To most people following the case this was a forgone conclusion. Of course introducing evidence, and proving validity of it at trial is a far different thing.

In my mind the big event of the week was the release of the Tony Lazzaro deposition. It was commissioned by the defense. But having read it several times it seems like a double edged sword. Lazzaro might be able to assist to defense in talking about what a great mother Casey was, but he is also a huge liability. Is he the Casey Anthony version of OJ Simpson’s Brian Jerard “Kato” Kaelin (just call me Kato).

The Lazzaro deposition is very curious. It says a number of things. The car didn’t smell of dead things. Casey Anthony was the next best thing to Mom Of The Year. Her mother Cindy Anthony and father George Anthony  came in for less glowing praise.

…she made it sound like her dad was was this really bad guy

Is this depo the anchor point of trying to pin the whole thing on George? Rumors have been swirling for some time. The defense team have thrown many mud balls at the wall. Zanny the Nanny is done, The Meter Reader Roy Kronk maybe has a ‘kronked’ past, but no-one is buying into the game. The Grund attack will just leave people laughing. So what is left? Pretty slim pickings is the answer. Cheney Mason has been ‘floating’ the accidental drowning theory, and had Casey fessed up to it, she would be free today.

My suspicion is that the defense are going to try to pin this on George. What a waste of time. George couldn’t plan a ‘drunk in a brewery’, never mind topping a tot.

Join us on Sunday as we discuss this weeks events. You can use this this link to listen live.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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