This week has seen yet another week of pre-trial haggling in the murder case. Did tot mom Casey Anthony ‘top’ her daughter Caylee Anthony? This is a question that will be answered by a jury in the trial that starts in May.

In the meanwhile, the motions and legal wrangling abounds. This week we have the ‘Frye Hearing’. Few people have even heard of a ‘Frye Hearing’, in plain English it establishes the credentials of any scientific evidence that may be introduced during the trial. Items like fingerprints and DNA are well known tools and have legal standing in previous cases.

At issue with the Casey Anthony defense are the use of less well known scientific processes, Cadaver Dogs, Chloroform, hair samples, and plant growth.

To me, it seems like Jose Baez and the defense team are once again trying to throw Cow Dung patties at the wall in the hope that something will stick. So far that effort has merely resulted in some stern beatings meted out by Judge Perry.

Is this carnage for the defense? It’s a good question. So far in the Frye hearings Jose Baez at least has had the good sense to keep his abrasive partner Chaney Mason out of the excitement.

The Cow Patty strategy however does not seem to have achieved much. I was watching Judge Perry as he patiently listened to Baez dig ever increasingly large holes for himself. In some ways I was expecting Judge Perry to interrupt with:

Bailiff can you please take Mr Baez out back and Taser him a couple of times, maybe that will get his attention. Court is in recess for 15 minutes, or until Jose stops twitching!

On Sunday at 3pm central, 4pm eastern the usual gang will be discussing this weeks events. I am still waiting for confirmations from two of the ‘bad boys’ that constitute the gang, but it is shaping up to be the program not to miss.

The listen live link is here.As background you might enjoy our previous program that also touches on the subject of Frye Hearings.

See you on Sunday.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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