Just after 1:10pm Jose Baez had his turn to offer Opening Statements. The State had created a strong case in their statement, and this afternoon we got to hear the defense. I have joked many times that Jose Baez would claim that Caylee Anthony was abducted by aliens and taken to Area 51. It turned out that I was not too far removed from my ridiculous idea.

It took no time at all to deal with those pesky missing 31 days. The child was dead, she drowned in the family pool. It was an accident!

Casey Anthony was too scared to report the event because of her father. As a young lady her father George had sexually abused her. Baez also alluded to the possibility that Casey’s brother Lee may have also been involved.

The real corker though has to be Roy Cronk. According to Jose Baez, Kronk was likely in possession of the body for several months before actually depositing the remains where they were found by Kronk.

I view this scenario as a Kronk Of BS!

Last Sunday on our radio program a well known lawyer Mannie Barling explained to us all that    there were traps that an attorney can fall into during the Opening Statements. I can’t remember the legal term, but it boils down to….   The jury has long memories, you had better be able to prove what you are saying or you are toast!

Jose Baez has set his sails, now we can only wait and see how the wind blows for him.

Is it a risky strategy to play the sexual abuse card? George and Cindy Anthony are on both the State and Defense witness lists. Obviously the defense will move to have them declared ‘Hostile’, one wonders if the State will take the same position? Certainly Cindy and George have witness value, but they also present challenges. An asset can quickly become a liability.

Maybe the most telling part of the Opening Statement by Jose Baez was his avoidance of the Zanny The Nanny defense.

Oops have to cut this short, State has just called George Anthony as the first witness….

Simon Barrett

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