I watched yesterdays Casey Anthony Frye Hearing with some incredulity. Jose Baez while arguing the defenses reasons for wishing to have certain scientific evidence removed from the trial, used what likely was a PowerPoint presentation to reinforce his points. The use of visual props can be a powerful court room tool. They provide a focal point for all to see. However the generally accepted method of employing these tools is to leave a ‘positive’ image of the point being made.

Several years ago I was asked to write a book on the subject of producing effective PowerPoint Presentations. As I recall the introduction page included the comment:

…I do not plan on wasting your time on the obvious things such as running Spellcheck…

Obviously Jose Baez and his team did not read my book, nor attend my class on the subject. I was aghast when he decided to use this slide in open court:


Let us hope that this slide is not indicative of the quality of their overall trial preparations!

Simon Barrett

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