Orlando has a new attraction, bigger than Disney World! Opening May 17 is the ultimate Orlando attraction. Everyone thought that the Harry Potter addition to Universal Orlando’s theme park was the ultimate. At entrance prices of $80 for adults, and $70 for kids, it is nothing short of a giveaway compared with what is soon to come! For the meager sum of money, $350, a family of four can explore the wizardry world of Harry Potter.

Add a couple of ‘Butterbeers’, a genuine magic wand or two, something to eat, and, this is a $500 adventure for the day. The good news is that if you listen carefully while in line for Harry Potter world, a mere extra $100 will get the family into the main Universal Orlando theme park!

Unfortunately Universal Orlando does not have its latest attraction ready. Rumor has it that they are going to call it ‘The Casey Walk’. People will ride on those familiar little trains, they will head down a long corridor, and unlike other rides, nothing will happen. As they reach the end of the corridor the ride operator will explain that there has been a ‘mechanical hitch’!

OK, I am joking, well about everything except the $dollar amounts.

The Casey Anthony trial has become an economy all by itself. One wonders how much a press pass would sell for on eBay?

Universal Orlando’s prices may seem a little steep, but they at least do offer free parking. That cannot be said about the Casey Anthony trial.

WESH  TV shared this gold nugget:

Land owners near the courthouse are cashing in on the trial.
Parking prices during the trial from $15 per day to $1,000 per month in private lots. Many of the coveted spots are already sold out.The city of Orlando says metered spaces along Orange Avenue have all been reserved for the next two months.

The lot across from the street from the courthouse is charging $50 per day for cars and $100 per day for larger trucks, payable in advance.

About a block and a half away, the Orlando Sentinel is offering $300 monthly parking for cars and $1,000 monthly parking for satellite trucks.

What happened to the little girl Caylee Anthony who lost her life? How much is she worth? I find it sad that this case has hit such a low spot. Death is $dollars for people with space for cars and trucks!

Simon Barrett

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