Today saw the (at least weekend closure) of the pre trial hearings on the Casey Anthony case that have been dragging on for three days. It is but a brief respite, Judge Belvin Perry will have the players back in his court at 2pm Monday.

A court case should never be equated to an NFL game, but the analogies abound. Quarterback Jose Baez seems to have figured out that ‘faking a throw’, Zenaida Gonsalez, Roy Kronk, Tim Miller’s Equusearch group, oh the list goes on and on, but all roads lead to a disaster of epic proportions.

Late in Fridays hearing he was thrown a bone, the prosecution had been seeking sanctions  against Baez for his wanton disrespect of court ordered deadlines to share discovery and  information concerning his Experts, and their findings. In a move that I am scratching my head over Ashton announced to Judge Belvin Perry that the two sides had come to a resolution over the matter. Baez then put on his best smile and apologized to the court and to Ashton.

I would never disregard an order that your honor would issue in a case like this, I believe in what I’m doing as a defense lawyer. Many times in the course of a lawyer fulfilling his passion, sometimes a lawyer’s advocacy takes over for his professional judgment.

Of course Jose Baez was in a win/win situation. Lets face it, it is the tax payers footing his bill.

Earlier in the day Baez had detective Yuri Melich on the stand. Exactly what the objective of this boring and repetitive adventure was all about has yet to be discovered. Baez hammered on the subject of Melich trying to coerce testimony, but Baez was unable to make any of the ‘dung balls’ stick to the wall.

That is not to say that Baez did not win a few victories, clearly the subject of Casey Anthony and where and when her Miranda was given is of some importance in the exclusion of some evidence.

However this introduces a far larger question. It is rather like deciding to buy a high ticket item online. However, the only reviews permitted are the good ones. What happened to the one star reviews?

May is rapidly approaching. Can a few hollow victories by Jose Baez save Casey Anthony from a very long term all expenses paid vacation behind bars?

Simon Barrett

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