In Dickens classic Oliver Twist when the orphan Oliver pleads ‘Please sir may I have some more’ he is rebuked and reviled. Jose Baez the lead attorney for the defense group representing Casey Anthony was back in court yesterday. For any readers that have spent the past two years living in a Yurt in Outer Mongolia, Casey Anthony stands accused of the murder of her then two year old daughter Caylee Anthony.

Last year the gravy train ran out for Jose Baez. When the case first came to public interest money was freely flowing, ABC paid a whopping $200,000 not for interviews, that is frowned  upon by  the more reputable news agencies. ABC instead claim that the $200,000 was to pay for licensing fees of photographs of the missing tot.  Of course $200,000 does not go far these days. A few new suits, a couple of BMW’s, a few plane trips and hotel stays for ‘experts’ , well before you know it, the bank account is looking bare.

Jose Baez has seen his dream team leave in droves, it seems that even the consummate court expert Dr Henry Lee has even bailed from the effort to defend Casey Anthony.

Out of money, Jose Baez was forced to play his last card. In what I still view as crass stupidity the tax payers are now footing the bill!

Yesterday Jose Baez was back playing the role of ‘Oliver’. In what at first seemed a poor choice, Judge Perry has extended a further $12,000 of tax payers money to the Casey Anthony defense. One has to wonder if he will now pay the $600 owed to a local court reporting and transcription company?

The gory details of the hearing were reported by WESH.

With the trial set to start in less than five months, it will be interesting to see what Jose Baez has left in his magic hat. Zanny the Nanny has merely resulted in a well deserved law suit. Meter Maid Roy Kronk is about as viable defense as Zanny. Involving Jessie Grund is a sure fire way to lose the case. And I think it goes without saying that trying to pin the problem on Tim Miller and his Texas Equusearch group is going to go about as far as I could throw Jose himself.

Tick Tock Jose, the clock stops for no-one. May looms, or as we used to say as kids, ‘ready or not, we are coming’!

Simon Barrett

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